Slots Myths

There is plenty of information out about slots and as a result one will not be surprised to see wrong information flying over the air, such information can just be classified as farce or myth. Here we are going to present some of the common myths that fly about the slot machines.


The outcome of the slot machine could be determined through the study of the sequence and the patterns of the previous spins. This is a false because the outcomes of the slot machines depend on random number generators which can produce well over millions of numbers in seconds. The numbers so generated are random. It is therefore not possible that any human knowledge can track down the pattern of such a random generation.

Somebody who just replaced my sitting position just made a big hit if had stayed there a moment longer that big hit would have been mine. For assertions like these to be realistic then you have to be there to pull or push the button of the spin at the very rate and the very time the winning player did his. Any slight change in time will give a different result.

The machine made a big payment now my going there now will be useless because you cannot make any big money. Do not forget that by design that the slot machines are meant to cover certain payout percentages that are worked out on several millions of spins. There is nothing like short terms in payout by machines and machine can make a big payout at any time.

Any time you bet one at a time you always make a big win. The truth is that the mechanism through which the system operates does not understand how the coins are inserted into the machine. There is always that probability of producing the same result irrespective of number of coins inserted into the system.

Jackpots casinos controlled big hits. It is not true it is the random number which is generated through the random number generator that determines when the jackpot will make a big winning.

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