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Nobody will doubt whether it has been the desire of every slot player to make a big win in the casino games. To many a simple walk into a casino and insertion of a coin into the slot machine to reigns millions of dollars is the wish of the average casino player.

It is the desire of many to capture and turn the reels machine, and the other forms of jackpot action into a winning feast. The truth is that nobody can ever guarantee a win for anybody in any type of casino and jackpot games. What is possible is that the chances are there that you will increase the possibility of making a big earning if you continue to play the game.


  • FACT. 1 - Not all the slot machine casino games are equal. Although they may look similar when one looks at it from the outside but inside it is entirely a different thing, all together. FACT. 2 - The offline casino has an advantage. Most the slot machines are made through programming to be paying about 83 percent to 99 percent to pay coins in them.
  • FACT. 3 - Majority of slot machines in vogue today is processed by microchip processors which generate numbers randomly. Within a particular iron beast there are more than a single but many processors doing the processing work. The process is that this processor keeps on generating numbers which match the slot reel numbers; they do this randomly even when the machines are idle. Once that machine is on they will keep on producing these numbers.
  • FACT. 4 - You can only see the final combination when the reel stops. Until that you are observing the microprocessor. What you need do is just do the playing as a player you cannot affect the outcomes.


  • Myth. 1 - It is not true that slot machine had earned the extended play without significant payout is because of hit. (There is nothing farer from the reality, know it that the outcomes are arrived through the combination of probability factor.)
  • Myth. 2 - when the machine is cold when it is touched use of the cold coins/token should be applied, in the same vain if the machine is feeing warm add warm coins or token to warm it up. (It is a farce this is because the temperature of the machine or coins had nothing to do with any outcome of the game.)
  • Myth. 3 - Whenever a slot machine makes a big hit, then before it makes another big win will be a very long time to come. (The truth is that both probability and randomness decide the game and that is all)
  • Myth. 4 - The casinos adjust the machine by tightening and loosening it at its will. (Although the casino focuses on who loses and wins they do not in any affect the machine).

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