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Slot games are extremely popular. One of the explanations of its popularity is the simplicity of playing. Nevertheless there are some peculiarities without understanding which you can hardly achieve success. Slots software programs provide the online slot games. There are a lot of them and they are worth paying attention at.


Without understanding slots terminology and peculiarities you hardly can be a successful gambler and it will be difficult to find the best propositions, the highest jackpots and the most desirable style. Without further delay let's study out slots glossary.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are the most profitable slots for players. It is a group of slot machines that are combined together. They may be linked be one casino or by several independent casinos. The sum of jackpot depends on sum of money that is played in all the combined slot machines.

The game continues until one lucky gambler hits the winning combination. In this case the huge jackpot receives all the gamblers. It goes without saying that you should always play maximum bet, especially in progressive slots.


Classic slots still have the 'bar' and the '7' symbols intact, which have been maintained throughout the past till the present day and the same are used when it comes to online slots.

There's a great chance that you will be often awarded or at least notified of offers like a free spin bonus round, and you just have to achieve the right combination of the symbols on your reels to win this round.

Another aspect is the fruit images which are extensively used for typical slots online which make the game more pleasant and realistic.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator is a micro-computer that supplies the work of slot machine. It's not capable of liking or disliking you. Random Number Generator, a little device that randomly chooses the combinations, operates it.

There are no winning cycles, and the next combination has nothing to do with the previous one. There is always a possibility of winning the next round, as well as a possibility of losing. In addition, all depends on how lucky you are and did you press the button in the right time.

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